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Connecting patients, investigators, CROs and sponsors on single digital platform

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Enable patients, investigators and sponsors to collaborate on clinical research by bringing various aspects of patient recruitment, investigator recruitment, site selection and initiation on a single centralized platform.


ClinicalWave is built 100% native on the most innovative and industry leading cloud platform, Salesforce and leverages App Cloud, Service Cloud, Communities Cloud and other Salesforce core technologies.

The Salesforce Platform houses all of Salesforce’s industry leading sales, service, marketing, community and analytics apps. We’ve taken those development tools, APIs & services and built innovative solutions for clinical research to support patient recruitment, site selection and initiation and clinical trial management.

Making it easier for the site and the patient to actively participate in a trial is an essential part of increasing predictability in enrolment and retention. Our Site & Patient Solutions include upfront planning of site and patient management – identification, enrolment and engagement that will make a difference and increase the likelihood of hitting key milestones.

Patient Recruitment is not a single activity but rather a host of responsibilities that range from protocol development and study feasibility to site selection and various activities from first-patient-in to last-patient-in

Achieving last-patient-in milestones requires extensive planning and hard data, so we support these activities by utilizing a digital technology combined with patient and investigator engagement to identify, qualify and seamless on-boarding.

Additionally, as part of our comprehensive solution, we provide forecast, monitor and manage patient recruitment. These are designed to minimize delays that can add millions of dollars to the cost of clinical trials.

Enhancing Patient Relationships

  • Highly targeted recruitment and retention strategies that improve patient communication, motivation and compliance
  • Leveraging patient insight based on patient surveys, forums and focus groups to gain better understanding of patient motivation and engagement
  • Enhanced informed consent by giving patients access to engaging interactive multimedia that explains the trial specific and commitments

Improving site selection

  • Leading edge technology to identify the patients that match your protocol, wherever they may be located
  • Qualification of sites based on real data
  • Digital solutions to drive site performance with Range of solutions pre-screening, eConsent, learning management, document tracking and management with key applications such as financial disclosure.
  • Integration with leading EMR technology to enable EMR interrogation into clinical insights such as sub-populations and larger pre-screened pool where the technology and regulation are enabled.


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